Le Hoyo de San Juan

Le Hoyo de San Juan

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Le Hoyo de Rio Seco is a majestic addition to the renowned Le Hoyo series, offering a luxurious smoking experience that captivates with its depth and complexity. This cigar, measuring a generous 5.6 inches in length with a 56 ring gauge, is a grand example of craftsmanship and flavor, crafted for those who savor a robust and lengthy smoke.

Tasting Notes:

From the outset, Le Hoyo de Rio Seco envelops the palate with a rich blend of earthy, woody notes and a subtle undertone of sweetness. As the cigar progresses, it unveils a complex harmony of flavors, including hints of leather, cream, and a delicate spiciness, culminating in a sophisticated and well-rounded taste profile. This full-bodied cigar maintains a smooth and consistent smoke, ensuring a satisfying and immersive experience.

Construction and Appearance:

Each cigar is meticulously hand-rolled, using select tobacco leaves to ensure the highest quality. Le Hoyo de Rio Seco boasts a smooth, oily wrapper, indicative of its premium status. The construction is precise and flawless, guaranteeing an even burn and a smooth draw, essential for a fulfilling smoking experience.

Pairing Suggestions:

The robust character of Le Hoyo de Rio Seco pairs excellently with a range of spirits. Aged single malt Scotch or a fine bourbon can enhance its deep flavors. Alternatively, a dark roast coffee or a rich hot chocolate can complement the cigar’s intricate profile for a non-alcoholic pairing.


Ideal for leisurely moments of relaxation or as a dignified conclusion to a gourmet meal, Le Hoyo de Rio Seco is fitting for both special occasions and quiet, reflective evenings. Its grandeur and flavor depth make it a superb choice for seasoned cigar lovers and those seeking a memorable smoke.

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