Partagas Serie D No 5

Partagas Serie D No 5

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The Partagas Serie D No. 5 offers a condensed version of the legendary Serie D No. 4 experience in a shorter format. Measuring approximately 4 1/3 inches in length with a 50 ring gauge, this cigar is designed for those seeking the intensity and richness of the Serie D line in a more time-friendly size. It’s an exemplary choice for aficionados who enjoy a robust, full-bodied smoke but have less time to indulge.

Tasting Notes:

The Serie D No. 5 bursts with a rich and complex flavor profile from the first draw. It begins with pronounced earthy and spicy notes, characteristic of the Partagas brand. As the cigar progresses, it unveils layers of leather, wood, and a hint of creamy sweetness, delivering a well-rounded and deeply satisfying smoking experience. The smoke is dense and flavorful, embodying the essence of Cuban cigar craftsmanship.

Construction and Appearance:

Each Serie D No. 5 is meticulously crafted, ensuring the high-quality standards Partagas is known for. The cigar features a lush, oily wrapper with a seamless appearance and an attractive sheen. The expert construction guarantees an even burn and a smooth draw, enhancing the enjoyment of this compact cigar.

Pairing Suggestions:

This robust cigar pairs beautifully with a range of spirits. Aged whiskies, rich rums, or a full-bodied red wine can complement its deep flavors. For a non-alcoholic option, a strong espresso or dark hot chocolate can serve as excellent counterparts, highlighting the cigar’s rich palate.